The following festivals are celebrated at Shri Saint Balumama Temple – Admapur

Bhandara Festival

The turmeric powder is called as Bhandara in Marathi. There is mahaprasad (food) on the 12th Day of Vadya (Dark) Lunar month of Phalgun, Next day i.e. on the 13th of Phalgwn, there is a grand procession of palanguin (palaki in Marathi) accompanied by a horse throughout the village.

The devotees are served porridge made up of Finger Millet flour (ambil in Marathi made from nachani), Sharbat (juice) and Light snack by the villages on this day.

The whole sky echos with the deafening sound of drums and the whole air is coloured by Bhandara (turmeric powder), This goes on from 9 am till 4 pm in the evening.

Next day is the new moon day (Amavasya in Marathi) and the day after is Gudhi Padva or the New year Day according to Hindu calendar, There is a special function for the sheep celebrated by the shepherds and is called putting of luck.


2. There is a fair of pilgrims on every new moon day (Amavasya) special porridge of Finger millet (ambil) is served to the pilgrims on this day.

3. People pay to visit also on every Sunday, and porridge is served to the devotees.

4. Singers of devotional songs from faraway places pay a visit to the temple and sing devotional songs there on every Ekadashi.

5. Shravan vadya chaturthi (4th dark Lunar day of sravan Hindu month) is the death anniversary of Balumama. Reciting of Ineshwari, nam-jap, discourses by celebrities, God samkeertan, Bhajan etc. all day and night for seven days, previous to the last anniversary day, are the high-lights of this annual function.

6. From the Bharapad New moon day and Ghatasthapana till Dasara (10th bright Day of Aswin month) devotees sit in the temple performing nam-jap bhajain etc. on this special occasion (called Navratree).

7. Aswin shuddha Dwadashi (or the 12th bright day of Aswin month) is the birth anniversary of Balu-mama. The image of Balumama is bathed in holy water before sunrise by the temple and from 9 am. onwards mahaprasad is served.

At 4.23 pm. floral shower is performed after singing of praises to God centenary celebrations were specially held on the year 1992 honour of Balumama as a mark of the completion of 100 years of his birth.

Shri Sant Balumama statue at Admapur

8. Aswin vadya Dwadashi (Guru-Dwadashi) or the 12th Dark lunar day of Aswin month :- This is the dayon which Balu-mama Understood yearly pilgrimage (called waari) to Pandharpur.

The devotee’s visit Pandharpur on this day and bathe the idol of Vithal & Rukmini there with holy water. Thereafter they partake of prasad .

9. Kartik shuddha pratipada (the first bright lunar day of Kartik) or Diwali Padva :- The dung of the sheep is made into a heap near the Margubai temple and worshipped by the shepherds as Goddess Laxmi on this auspicious day. Sheep milk is boiled till it over flows on this occasion.

The sheep also are worshipped by the shepherds by waving Light around their faces with Lamps. There is a race of sheep, after which mahaprasad is served.