What are the places to visit near Admapur

Admapur comes in Kolhapur district in Maharashtra. Kolhapur to Admapur is 50 kms.

Kolhapur is well connected by major cities in Maharashtra as well as Karnataka. Cities in Maharashtra like pune, Mumbai, solapur and many more and from Karnataka Belgaum, Hubli, Dharwad and Bangalore.

Kolhapur is also well connected by railway junctions from Maharashtra and Karnataka.

So reaching Kolhapur is very easy and after reaching Kolhapur you can enquire about Sri balumama Temple at Admapur.

The following are the enchanting places to visit in Kolhapur district 

Mahalaxmi Temple  The temple is located at Kolhapur




Rankala Lake – This lake is located at Kolhapur




Panhala Fort –The fort is located at the place called Panhala which is 20 kms from Kolhapur


Jyotiba Temple  – The Temple is located at the distance of 21 km from Kolhapur city


Narsinhwadi Datta Mandir – The mandir is located at a place called Narsinhwadi which is 50 kms from Kolhapur


Appachiwadi – This place is around 30 km from Kolhapur city. Here the temple is of Shri Halsiddhanath and Shri Saint Balumama is used to visit this temple during Amavshaya. 


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