Where to stay at Pandharpur, Maharastra

Personally, I had visited Pandharpur many times and took darshan of Shri Vitthal Rukhmini, and the more I visited I connected more to myself.

Believe me, the experience is divine and need to be experienced, especially morning darshan 4:30 am. If you want to view complete puja by sitting in front of Vitthal Statue then you have to get up early and stand in queue and 4:30 AM few select people will be allowed to enter inside the temple to sit and watch Vitthal puja.  accommodation at

In this post, I am sharing various places to stay at Pandharpur. You can also prefer to do online booking at below links.


Budget Hotels at Pandharpur are as follows


Stay at Pandharpur – Hotels

During my travel to Pandharpur, I stayed at many places because whenever I visit alone I have to take private hotel accommodation because most of the Bhakta Niwas do not allow single accommodation and whenever I visited with my family I preferred to stay at Shri Sant Gajanan Maharaj Bhakta Nivas.

Gajanan Maharaj Bhakta Nivas is located very near to Shri Vitthal Rukhmini temple. The prices are very reasonable and stay is very comfortable and rooms are very clean and even entire Bhakta Nivas is kept very clean. It has also very good dining facility.

I am posting few pictures





Three accommodation details 

Three Bhakta Nivas details are mentioned at Shri Vitthal Rukhmini Temple trust website are as follows

श्री विठ्ठल रूक्मीणी मंदिरे संचलीत भक्त निवास

माहिती पहाणेसाठी खालील लिंक वर क्लिक करा

१)   M.T.D.C. भक्त निवास (पर्यटक निवास)   फोन नं. ०२१८६-२१६११५

२)   वेदांत भक्त निवास                     फोन नं. ०२१८६-२१६११४

३)   व्हिडीओकॉन भक्त निवास               फोन नं. ०२१८६-२१६११४